Yellow Class Weapons

Yellow Class Weapons are known as 'lure' items. They are used to lure a hunter into a specific area allowing you to execute them. Lures cannot be used to execute hunters instead they are used to distract a hunter so that he can be easily executed all of them can be reused apart from the bottle which smashes when thrown. If a hunters head has been decapitated using the machete or similar weapon, his head can be picked up and used as a lure. It is possible to kill a hunter with a lure item, by hitting the hunter multiple times in the head.


Bricks can be seen throughout the streets of Carcer City and Cottonmouth. Bricks are a multiple use lure item, meaning they can be reused once picked up. Used in a similar way to the Can the brick can be used to daze a hunter if thrown at his head if Cash is quick he can get round behind the hunter and execute him. They cannot be used as a weapon.


Bottles can also be found throughout the streets of Carcer City and Cottonmouth. Bottles are a single use lure item, meaning they can’t be reused once picked up. The bottle is the only lure that can’t be used after it has been thrown as it smashes.


As with bottles and bricks, Cans can be found throughout Carcer City and Cottonmouth, they can also be found in ‘Sprunk’ vending machines if you shoot at them. Cans are multiple use lure items.


You can acquire a hunter's head by severing it from the body. In order to do this you have to use the machete/meat cleaver or achieve a gruesome execution with the wire. If a hunter has been decapitated his head can be used to lure another hunter. This lure is different from the other lures however as if a hunter spots the head then he treats it similar to how he would if it were a dead body.

Golf BallEdit

Golf Balls can be found in gardens and on rooftops throughout the suburban districts in Cottonmouth. Golf Balls are multiple use lure items.

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