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Wrong Side of the Tracks is the 16th scene of Manhunt where Cash uses the subway in an attempt to find Starkweather.



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The S.W.A.T. teams were sent to the subway to help out the CCPD and bring Cash to custody. However, power to the subway was immediately shut off, locking Cash inside the station.

Cash kills the CCPD and S.W.A.T. on the platform of 54 Street Station before shooting the lock off a door leading into the tunnel. Cash follows the tunnel until he finds the control room and clears out more hunters. Then he finds the power switch and turns it back on and heads back to the station where more hunter are waiting to ambush him.

Cash then rides the train to Carcer Point Station where even more hunters are waiting. He shoots past all of them as he makes his way out of the station.


Time Goal: 7 minutes
Location: 54 Street Station, tunnels, control room. Carcer Point Station
Hunters: CCPD, S.W.A.T.
Other Characters: Lionel Starkweather (voice)
Previous Scene: Press Coverage
Next Scene: Trained to Kill

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Video WalkthroughEdit

"Manhunt 1", full walkthrough (Hardcore difficulty), Scene 16 - Wrong Side of the Tracks

"Manhunt 1", full walkthrough (Hardcore difficulty), Scene 16 - Wrong Side of the Tracks


  • In GTA: San Andreas, there is a mission called "Wrong Side of The Tracks" and in GTA: Liberty City Stories, there is a side-mission called "Wong Side of the Tracks", named after this level.
  • Starkweather can be heard warning Cash through the earpiece that he "will never get out of that subway alive".