Wooddale cops
Wooddale Community Enclave is a residential suburban neighborhood[1] in Manhunt 2, where Daniel Lamb formally lived with his family. The area is made up of streets and houses, as well as multiple yards, back alleys and garages.


Daniel Lamb lived in this area with his wife and his kids. Once Danny volunteered for an experiment, which his family disapproved, he was given a second personality by the name of Leo Kasper, who decided to get revenge on the Project and soon wanted to take over Danny's mind. This meant destroying Danny's past, so Leo returned to the area one night and evaded the Cops and SWAT patrolling the neighborhood, making his way to Daniel's house. Once inside, Leo kills Danny's wife and shortly after, Dr. Pickman and some Project Scientists arrive and lock Danny and Leo away at Dixmor Asylum.

Six years later, they break out and hitch a ride in the back of a Trashmaster bound for Wooddale and return to the area. On arrival they find some Watchdogs searching for them and Danny kills them all and makes his way back to the house to look for some Cortexa.

Mission Appearances: Ghosts, Bees Honey Pot (cutscene), Domestic Disturbance


Weapons and ItemsEdit

List of weapons found in the area:

Environmental Executions:

  • Manhole (x1 on PS2/PSP/PC, x2 on Wii)

Stationary VehiclesEdit

Project ReportEdit

Taken from a letter from Dr. Whyte to Dr. Pickman, found in the instruction booklet:

12:51am - Wooddale Community Enclave
Subject tracked to suburbanhood in residential sector. Situation integrity comprimised - no longer confined to internal personnel. Local law enforcement and SWAT teams in area. Subject evades all and enters home of-



  • There is a hidden alleyway next to Daniel's house, which can be accessed by using a trainer.


  1. See official Manhunt 2 instruction booklet.

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