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The Manhunt series and its related topics
Manhunt Wikihunty Manhunt 2
Manhunt The Series Manhunt 2
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James Earl Cash Daniel Lamb Leo Kasper Lionel Starkweather Dr. Pickman Ramirez Piggsy
Weapons 2 red shovel Beta thelost Cash prison Environmental execution manhunt 2 manhole
Weapon Classes Cut Contents Manhunt Tips Environmental Execution

Latest News

Instruction manuals uploaded

Computer scans from the instruction manuals for both games have been uploaded and can be found here: Instruction Manual for Manhunt and Instruction Manual for Manhunt 2. Many of the images provide source for multiple references, mostly things about Daniel Lamb's past, Lionel Starkweather's film industry and more.

´Down2BusinessTalk 08:32, September 8, 2011 (UTC)

Source template created

There have been many encounters with fan-fiction on this site and we plan on stopping it. If anyone has doughts about a page or suspects something of being fan-fiction, please add {{Source}} at the top of that page and we will look into it. Please comment on this here, and please help find a source for the pages listed here.

Thank you,

Down2Business -- YoU-tHiNk-Im-JoKiNg? 16:00, August 13, 2011 (UTC)


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Further Information

The Manhunt 3 Wishlist is now open!

In The Project Wiki, we just open a Manhunt 3 wishlist where you can suggest what is Manhunt 3 in the future. There are now suggestions in the wishlist...Suggest Now!

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