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Rainy weather in Manhunt.

Weather is a background feature, which is a natural phenomenon. The first Manhunt includes several types of weather: cloudy, windy, rainy, thunderstorm, foggy and clear. Unlike the Grand Theft Auto series, the weather in Manhunt doesn't change continuously and is set for each level individually.

Weather types Edit

Clear Edit


Clear weather appears as a clear night sky, with stars and moon seen. There is no wind or precipitation. This type of weather is quite common in Manhunt and appears in many levels.

Cloudy Edit

Cloudy weather is nearly equal to clear weather, but with heavy clouds in the sky and with no stars or moon seen.

Windy Edit

Windy weather is nothing but just a bit modified version of cloudy weather. Despite its name, the wind sounds are always present in the background, with no difference if this type of weather is enabled or not.

Foggy Edit

Fog or mist in Manhunt appears as a modified version of cloudy weather, but with heavy clouds just above the ground. Foggy weather significantly decreases players' vision and ability to navigate in the level, although it is rarely seen in the game.

Rainy Edit

Rain in Manhunt appears as a heavy downfall with cloudy skies.

Thunderstorm Edit

This type of weather is seen less than usual rain, but it does include thunder and lighting seen in the sky in addition to rainy weather. Visibility is lower than in rainy weather type.

Appearance in the game Edit

Most levels in the game introduce clear or cloudy weather. Rain and thunderstorm weather types are present in Drunk Driving, Graveyard Shift, Trained to Kill (thunderstorm), Border Patrol. Weather plays no role in the game story and serves as a scenery. Hunters or player pay no attention to the current weather and it doesn't give the player any advantage (e.g. distracting noise from a thunder, etc.).

Technical details Edit

Game files Edit

Game engine has a support of culling zones. This means that the level can have predefined areas where should be no rain: for example, covered areas and buildings. But if the level takes place fully in a building (like View of Innocence or Deliverance), level weather is set to clear or cloudy with no use of culling zones.

Global weather properties are stored in the WEATHER.INI[1][2] file as "records". Properties in this file describe color of the sky, clouds density and visibility settings. These parameters are "default" for each level. But if a specific level requires more accurate weather parameters, they can be overridden in the levelSetup.ini[1][3] file, which is individual for every level. If there is no need to reassign a specific weather type for the level, record is marked with the "avoid" command and the level is using the global weather parameters.

Scripting Edit

The ForceWeatherType function switches the weather to one, defined as a first parameter in the function.

References Edit

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  3. /levels/%LEVELNAME%/levelSetup.ini

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