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Valiant Video Enterprises
is a illegal company filming and producing snuff
Valiant manhunt 2013-09-01 19-27-24-57

Valiant Video logo.

movies in Carcer City, Manhunt. The head of the company is Mr. Nasty, with Lionel Starkweather as his right hand. The movies are mostly purchased by the japanese market. Valiant Video installed cameras all over the city to film Cash's executions. The company owns a Pony van, which can be spotted in the level Born Again. The company controls and own much of Carcer City, using a huge army of criminals divided into gangs in order to produce snuff films. They are so powerful that they have cameras all over the city, and they even have the Carcer City Police Department into their pockets.


Possible EmployeesEdit

Removed characters, who were most likely employees of Valiant Enterprises.

Businesses and FrontsEdit


Productions Edit


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