Not to be confused with the Tranquilizer Rifle, a Red Class weapon in Manhunt
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The Tranquilizer Gun, also known as the Dart Gun is a Blue Class Weapon and Firearm, appearing in Manhunt 2.



The blur effect, when shot by a Tranquilzer Gun

When a Hunter is shot with the Tranquilizer Gun, it takes a small portion of health away as well as stuns them for a short time. Unlike the Tranquilizer Rifle from the first game, head shots make no difference and after a few hits, they will pass out.

If the player is shot, a small amount of health will be lost and the screen will turn blurred for a short time.

Manhunt 2Edit

The Tranquilizer Gun is first seen inside the Project Laboratories, used be the Project Scientists and is later used by Dr. Pickman to defend himself against Danny. Danny must stun Pickman with a Tranquilizer as opposed to killing him, as Leo needs to take Pickman alive.

Later, in a battle inside Danny's mind, Pickman's ghost returns carrying the Tranquilizer Gun.


Missions in Manhunt 2:




Danny shoots the hunter in his back side, causing him to fall face first on the ground. As he does, he put his hands on the ground to soften his fall. Danny then kicks the hunter's hands away and stomps on his head, killing him.

Note: The Tranquilizer Gun shares executions with all Blue Class Firearms on PC/Wii.

Danny spins the hunter around and whacks the him in the right side of the face with the side of the gun, causing the hunter to fall to his knees. Danny then holds the hunter's head and shoots him in the face.


After Danny/Leo stunned the hunter with a Low Blow kick from behind, He took the hunter by the head and fires a Transquilzer round into the hunters eye, causing him to collapse painfully to the ground and die.

Danny/Leo fire a Tranquilizer round into the Hunter Neck. As the hunter unsuccessfully tried to strike back against Danny/Leo, Danny/Leo bash the bottom of the grip toward the hunters forehead. Both Dazed and on his knees, the hunter receives one last forceful heavy blow from Danny/Leo Tranquilizer gun, killing him.

Restored Tranquilizer Executions00:27

Restored Tranquilizer Executions

Restored Tranquilizer Executions

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