Trained to Kill is the 17th scene in Manhunt and is set in the Stockyard.


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Cash is on his way to Starkweather's place but first must get through the trainyard at Carcer Point Station, which is being patrolled by CCPD and S.W.A.T.

He makes his way through the station and into the trainyard, killing all the hunters in his way. He then makes his way through the first yard and into the second, where he finds the third blocked by fencing.

Cash then climbs up a ladder onto a train and jumps the gaps from train to train and gets over the fence into the third yard. Once inside, he kills more hunters and leaves.

On his way out, he is captured by the S.W.A.T. and they prepare to gun him down. The Cerberus then arrive to kill the remaining S.W.A.T. and capture Cash.


Time Goal: 20 minutes
Location: Carcer Point Station. Carcer Point Station. Stockyard Train Yard
Hunters: CCPD, S.W.A.T.
Other Characters: Piggsy (cutscene), Cerberus (cutscene), Cerberus Leader (cutscene)
Previous Scene: Wrong Side of the Tracks
Next Scene: Border Patrol

Weapons and ItemsEdit



Manhunt - Gameplay Walkthrough - Scene 17 Trained to Kill07:30

Manhunt - Gameplay Walkthrough - Scene 17 Trained to Kill


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