Environmental execution manhunt 2 toilet

The Toilet Cistern execution

The Toilet Cistern is an environmental execution that appears in Manhunt 2.

It appears in the missions Sexual Deviants, and Bees Honey Pot.


Danny shoves the hunter into the wall above the cistern, he then slams his face into the cistern. After that, Danny pushes the hunter's head into the toilet seat. The hunter watches as Danny removes the cistern and hits him on the right side of the face. Danny finishes off the hunter by smashing him on the back of the head twice with the bottom of the cistern. He then places the cistern back on the toilet then kicks the hunter's left leg.


  • This is the lengthiest Execution available. For comparison, it is 624 frames, which is roughly 20 seconds and 24 milliseconds.


  • Toilet Cistern Animation