Time 2 Die is a bonus scene in Manhunt, unlocked by achieving at least 3 stars in Wrong Side of the Tracks, Trained to Kill, Border Patrol, Key Personnel, and Deliverance.


Cash arrives at the Maverley and Sons warehouse, armed with a Blackjack, as Starkweather informs him the Hoods are trying to run, so he must kill them before the van arrives to pick them up. Cash must kill all the Hoods in the alleyway, buildings and rooftops as well as inside the warehouse, once Cash has a Crowbar to bust the lock.

All the Hoods must be dead within 10 minutes. Then Cash heads towards a gate to leave.


Time Goal: 10 minutes
Location: Maverley and Sons warehouse. Alleyways, buildings and rooftops.
Hunters: The Hoods
Other Characters: Lionel Starkweather (voice)

Weapons and items Edit


Manhunt -44- Bonus Scene - Time 2 Die

Manhunt -44- Bonus Scene - Time 2 Die

Trivia Edit

  • There's a total of 11 hunters in this scene: 4 in the alleyways, 4 on rooftops and 3 more inside the warehouse.
  • There is a hidden Save point hit and some Painkillers behind the gate where Cash enters, but a trainer is required to get there.
  • The Hammer was cut from this scene.
  • This scene was cut from the storyline and placed as a bonus mission.
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Hood holding a hammer.