The Wheelchair is an object featured in the Manhunt series. Normally, it can be spotted inside mental asylums, however, there're also several wheelchairs hidden in some levels.

Manhunt Edit

  • The hidden wheelchair is located behind the rusty Coach, outside the Liquor Shop in Born Again. It can't be moved and it's unknown, why it is there.

Manhunt 2 Edit

  • A wheelchair can be seen falling down some stairs in Awakening after executing the first orderly.
  • The wheelchair is hidden in the sector with Danny's files at the Cortex Storage warehouse in Ritual Cleansing. To get to it, Leo must use the Crowbar. The wheelchair can be moved.

GTA San Andreas Edit

A rusty old wheelchair from Manhunt can be spotted on a molo on the Fisher's Lagoon in San Andreas. Fans believe to be a reference to the movie The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and that it has something to do with the serial killer, Leatherface or Piggsy.

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