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The Bloodhounds

The Bloodhounds are a group of hunters in Manhunt 2.


Just like The Watchdogs, The Bloodhounds are an organization hired by The Project to capture Danny and Leo.

The Bloodhounds appear to be rednecks judging from some members wearing Confederacy flag bandanas and Ku Klux Klan style masks as well as featuring Southern accents.They are also racist because they consider Danny subhuman.

They do their job mostly for the money but also for the fun of hunting. Also they may be loyal to The Project since they call Danny traitor. They enjoy their job more than your average hunter. They have much help from helicopters and by other Bloodhounds and are heavily armed. They hunt in groups and are skilled at what they do.

They appear in the missions Most Wanted, Broadcast Interrupted and Altered State.

Their weapons of choice are the Sub-Machine Gun, the Shotgun (w/ flashlight), the Baseball Bat, the Crossbow, the Assault Rifle, the Heavy Handgun, the Light Handgun, the Flashlight and the Sickle.

Leader: Unknown

Type: Bounty Hunters

Business: Assassinations

Turf: Cottonmouth, Florida

Vehicles: Bloodhound Burrito, Patriot, Bloodhound Maverick

Enemies: Unknown

Affiliations: Dr. Pickman, Dr. Whyte


Most Wanted: Just after the Watchdogs fail to catch Danny and Leo at the Bees Honey Pot, the Bloodhounds arrive and chase Danny through the sewer and streets of Cottonmouth, with the help of the remaining Watchdogs and their helicopter which circles the sky, but many of them are killed and Danny and Leo carry on.

Broadcast Interrupted/Altered State A few weeks after Dr. Pickman's death the Bloodhound find them hiding at the TVMK Studio. The hunt ends with a shoot-out in the parking lot, before Danny makes it out side where more Bloodhounds are patrolling, who are also killed.

Trivia Edit

  • A corpse of a Bloodhound can be spotted at the end of the level Broadcast Interrupted while Danny is leaving the studio. Most likely this gang member was killed by Leo.
  • Some members of the Bloodhounds could possibly be white supremacists, wearing cone shaped hoods identical to those of the Ku Klux Klan. Members are noted for shouting out remarks indicating their affiliation with far-right wing politcs, such as calling Danny an "American traitor"  amongst other insults.
  • Another indication of the Bloodhounds possibly having involvement in the KKK is an odal rune tattoo that can be seen on the arm of the cone hooded member.


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