TV-MK Studios, is a television studio that appears in Manhunt 2. It is based in Cottonmouth and is known to be owned by The Pickman Project. Television programs like 5 Past High Noon, Frankie and the Freaks, The Terry Helmut Show, That Bitch Next Door, music, news and weather channel are filmed in the studios. Behind the studio there's a studio back lot which is on a farm, likely used for filming 5 Past High Noon. The Bloodhounds are the only hunters here.

The levels Broadcast Interrupted and Altered State are set here.

The Project shot coded messages through the TV-MK channel straight into their agents’ heads, to make them do horrible things, which is why The Watchdogs and Project Militia are on to Danny and Leo.

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  • In the Kids Studio, you can see the White Rabbit from Manhunt hanging by a microphone dead from the ceiling, as well another white rabbit's head on a stick.
  • There are many dead bodies found inside the studio, some are dismembered. Leo killed the studio employees (who were also likely employees of The Project, as TVMK was a Project-owned business) with a Katana (a cutscene showing Leo killing two employees can be viewed on a television on the news set), despite Leo telling Danny that hunters had killed the employees, and saying that if he was told the whole story about what happened, his "brain would implode."
  • A picture of a weatherman on the project weather board was removed.
    2013-04-18 14-34-40-18

    Removed Project weather board.

  • The name "TV-MK" may be a reference to Project MKULTRA, a series of clandestine research projects carried out by the CIA beginning in the 1950s. Similarly to The Project, MKULTRA was (allegedly) shut down due to horrific breaches of ethics. The letters "MK" themselves are the digraph for the CIA's in-house technical research corps, which carried out the experiments.