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The Baseball Bat with Spikes or Spiked Bat is a beta weapon in Manhunt that can be obtained with use of a trainer.

Location & MethodEdit

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The Spiked Bat can only be found during Doing Time and it is located behind the closed off shower block.

Certain trainers allow you to access "camera-fly mode" which lets you move around anywhere with the camera, while Cash holds his position. This feature also allows you to teleport to wherever you place the camera and control Cash again. Once inside the shower block (be careful not to trigger the end of the mission), pick up the bat and leave via the same method.

Trainer (PC)Edit


Note: The Metal Bat shares executions with the Wooden Bat

  • Hasty: Cash hits the hunter on the right side of the face, the hunter turns around immediately only to be killed by getting hit once more on the left side of the face.
  • Violent: Cash jabs the end of the bat into the hunter's stomach knocking him to his knees, the hunter then looks up and as he does, Cash hits the hunter on the back of the head, killing him.
  • Gruesome: Cash puts the bat across the hunter's throat choking him until he falls to his knees, Cash then steps to the side and hits the hunter on the right side of the head causing the hunter's head to crack into pieces of brain and skull that fly all over the place.


  • To complete the mission Cash must still perform the Violent and Gruesome executions with the regular bat. Even though they are the same executions, using the spiked bat will not complete the objective.
  • According to the game's audio files, the execution was originally going to be different to the other bats.
  • The nail bat can also be found in GTA: San Andreas' game files.


There is no use in the story, as the player wasn't meant to get this weapon. However, it is believed to be the signature weapon of the Jury and possibly the Camheds, but these gangs were dropped during development. Presumably, it would also belong to the Innocentz, as a Skully member appears to be holding one in one of the trailers.


Manhunt - Spiked Baseball Bat00:27

Manhunt - Spiked Baseball Bat

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