This inmate is a member of the Smileys gang, he wears a corset, black boots and a Smile inscribed mask. He seems to act like a child, seems to have been abused by his father and liked to visit the park.


  • "Don't wannah play no more! Don't wanna play."
  • "Please! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, PLEASE!"
  • "(Crys in fear)"
  • "Get off me! Get off me! GET OFF ME!!!"
  • "I ain't a candle, don't snuff me out, NOO!!!"
  • "Huh? Hag, hey! HEY! Everybody come to my party!"
  • "Hey! Playin' games!? He's playing games!"
  • "I know you're here!"
  • "Come to papa!"
  • "Sardines, red snappers, crawfish!"
  • "My Gang! MY GANG!"
  • "Iiii, huh, help-help aaahh, arrgg!!"
  • "No, no, no!"
  • "My friends!"
  • "Fuck, damn, fuck, damn, fuck!"
  • "Shit, damn!"
  • "Get help! Get help!"
  • "Goood boy."
  • "Hey,... Nobody at home?"
  • "Lights out! Lights out! Lights! out!"
  • "Oh, dear, dear, dear, oh... Dear, dear, dear!"
  • "Laces! Somebody should do up his laces?"
  • "He's leaking all over the floor!"
  • "Aaagghh... Iiiiiiaa!!"
  • "PEEK A BOO!"
  • "Peek a boo! I see u!"
  • "Good, uh,(random screaming)"
  • "Hello? Hello? Hello!? I-sai-Hello!"
  • "Ahahahahahahaah!"
  • "Now, grrgggrr, (chuckles)."
  • "Ooohh, stop, just stop. Oohhh!"
  • "Nah? Crawling, crawling, no, now, no no."
  • "Only one way out."
  • "Only 2 dollars 99. Only 2 $ 99!"
  • "Gonna be sick! Don't wanna be sick. Gonna be sick! DON'T WANNA BE SICK!"
  • "Going to the park on Sunday, park on Sunday. Going Sunday, Park!"
  • "Go away, don't wannah talk to you. Go away!"

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