Game Manhunt
Location Innocentz Turf
Business Gang Member
Weapons Sickle
Sawn-Off Shotgun
Allies Innocentz
Babyface 1
Enemies James Earl Cash
Status Deceased
Voiced by Antone Pagan
Geoffrey Cantor


Skull in Adam's form with Babyface 1 in the background

Skull is a highly violent Mexican satanist and is a member of the Innocentz hired by Lionel Starkweather to hunt down James Earl Cash and cut him up. He appears to be probably one of the least mentally unbalanced members of the gangs. He appears in a brown hoodie with a burnt skull makeup and appears to be missing a left eye and wears bandages around his arms to his fingers and wears trousers. Some of his dialogue suggests he is high on peyote during the hunt for Cash. He seems to hate dogs very much, as at some point as he insults Cash with words like "fucking dog" or "perro puta (Dog Bitch)" among other lines.

Dialogue Edit

  • "Eh man get a grip of yourself idiota, look at yourself!"
  • "Easy amigo! Don't throw away your soul."
  • "Sorry man! We can be amigos, you and I!"
  • "Okay, you can go now, go on! Run! Amigo."
  • "Hey! What did I ever do to you?"
  • "Yo! So little compassion eh amigo?"
  • "Mal ti tos! Help me!"
  • "mousalititois! How bout some help over here!"
  • "Gather boi tres! Let's pick his bones!"
  • "Eh! If you want to share goodies, you better get over here! Calnaulieghs!"
  • "Who wants to play 'Pass The Parcel'?
  • "Compardres! Bring a stick! I think we found our little pinriata
  • "(Moan) Canlalie! I could do with a hand here!"
  • "Argh esso! Let's get a life into this body!