Skinz 3 is an unnamed member of the Skinz.

This member of the gang stands out because of his Christian Extremist stance, believing the Skinz' goal of killing Cash and other "non-whites" to be "the Lord's work". He is clearly more delusional than the other members, although he oddly appears to be more sympathetic towards dead gang members than some of the other hunters. He refers to Cash as a "sinner", "deviant", "animal", and an "insult to God", and also refers to the other members as "brothers" or "pilgrims".


  • "Though I walk in the shadow of the valley of death."
  • "Let the lord into your heart! Show the lord's mercy!"
  • "Stay your hand pilgrim and I can bring you salvation!"
  • "We all got the chance of salvation."
  • "It ain't your fault you fell from grace. Here, take my hand, friend."

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