PS2 Sickle

Sickle model in the PS2 version of Manhunt.


The Sickle icons in Manhunt (top) and Manhunt 2 (bottom)

The Sickle is a Blue Class weapon that appears in both Manhunt games.

In Manhunt, it appears in the missions Drunk Driving and Key Personnel and in Manhunt 2 , it appears in the missions Ghosts (PC/Wii) Best Friends, Broadcast Interrupted and Personality Clash.

It is a weapon used by The Innocentz, The Bloodhounds and The Watchdogs.

Executions Edit


  • Hasty: Cash swings the Sickle into the back of the hunter's neck, causing him to fall to his knees. cash then rips out the Sickle, tearing out a large chunk of flesh.
  • Violent: Cash swings the Sickle into the hunter's groin from behind, he then rips it out as the hunter falls to the ground.
  • Gruesome: Cash reaches around the hunter's shoulder and covers his mouth with his left hand, Cash then slices the hunter from the left side to the right side of his stomach, exposing his guts.

Manhunt 2

  • Hasty: The sickle is swung up through the hunter's groin from behind, Danny/Leo then rips it out, causing the hunter's internal organs to fall out as he falls to the ground.
  • Violent: Danny/Leo stabs the hunter in the back of the neck, he then slices it down the hunters back as the hunter falls to the ground, Danny/Leo then slices the hunter in the face, killing him.
  • Gruesome: Danny/Leo grabs the hunter in a choke hold then then begins to slice him from his stomach all the way to his shoulder, exposing his insides. Danny/Leo then releases the hunter, as the hunter falls to his knees. Danny/Leo then grabs the hunter and slits his throat.
  • Jumping: The hunter is grabbed by his shoulder while Danny/Leo is in the air, once he lands he stabs the hunter in the back of the head from behind coming out through his face and pulls the sickle until it rips out of the hunters head.

Gallery Edit


  • "Hasty" Execution
  • "Violent" Execution
  • "Gruesome" Execution

Manhunt 2

  • "Hasty" Execution
  • "Violent" Execution
  • "Gruesome" Execution
  • "Jumping" Execution


  • The PS2 version of Manhunt has a different sickle model and texture. Judging by the name of the texture, it was supposed to be a scythe.
  • The sickle in Manhunt 2 uses the same model and texture as the Xbox and PC versions of Manhunt.

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