Game Manhunt 2
Location Unknown
Business TV-MK
Weapons None
Allies None
Enemies None
Status Alive (presumable)
Voiced by None

Shaniquwa is a minor character featured in Manhunt 2. Little known is about she, as the only info regarding her are given through billboards present during the chapter Assassination.


Shaniquwa is a singer who won some kind of award named the “Popart” in 2006. In the same year, she was hired by TV-MK. Apparently, TV-MK invested a lot in advertising this, as there are two billboards announcing this in the central area of Cottonmouth, near the Maibatzu Plaza by the time Stanley Grex was murdered. A citation seen on the billboards states “Tone deaf, but great to look at”, implying Shaniquwa may have won only due to her appearance.

When Leo Kasper broke into the TV-MK Studios, there is no sign of Shaniquwa, meaning she left the TV channel long before that year. It’s unknown, but very unlikely she wasn't involved with or even knew about the Project's existence at all.


  • Her texture is a template for strippers from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and is also a second playable character in the 2 player mode of the PS2 version. These strippers can be found in the The Big Spread Ranch and Nude Strippers Daily strip clubs.
  • She can also be seen advertised on a poster in Grand Theft Auto IV. The poster is right above another poster advertising Man Zone outside of the "Pirate" store in Star Junction, Liberty City, in 2008.