The Severed Head (second from right) as it appears in Manhunt.

Head manhunt 2

The Severed Head as it appears in Manhunt 2.

The Severed Head is a yellow class weapon/item and a dead hunter's head. A head can be only acquired by severing it from the body. In Manhunt, Cash has to use the Machete/Meat Cleaver or achieve a gruesome execution with the Barbed Wire, or achieve the hasty execution with the Chainsaw to gain a head. In Manhunt 2, Danny has to use the Axe/Hacksaw/Katana(PC) to gain the head and it is only possible to decapitate a hunter in the episodes Sexual Deviants and Origins(Except on the PC version where a hunter can be decapitated with many weapons on almost every episode.) The head can be used as a lure. However, if a hunter spots the head then he will become more suspicious.

The in-game name of this item is simply Head.

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  • If the player dies while carrying a head and restarts from a check point, the game won't be able to tell which head model they were carrying, therefore changing it to a generic skin of a head guarded in a Plastic Bag. The same happens if the player completes a level while carrying a head and doesn't lose all their weapons in the next level.