Close-up of the save point.

The save point is a pick up in Manhunt. In Manhunt 2 it is replaced with a checkpoint system. It's not a item the player can pick up.


In Manhunt, it is shaped as a black and orange tape. If James Earl Cash reaches a new part of a scene, a save point is there for him to pick up. In Manhunt 2, it has no appearance, it is instead replaced with a checkpoint system. It works the same way as the save points.

The save point gives the player the ability to save their progress and if the game restearts, they will remain where they saved.


Sometimes when the player saves at a save point hit, the game will freeze and the data will go corrupt, meaning the game has to be started over. The only way to prevent this is to not save at a save point hit and save only when a scene or episode has been completed.


  • The save point has Rockstar North written on it, who are the developers of Manhunt.
  • Checkpoints in Manhunt 2, were originally called restart points, almost similar to save points from Manhunt 1.

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