Killaz of cash
Apearance(s): Manhunt
Manhunt 2
Name: S.W.A.T.
Also Known As: Special Weapons And Tactics
Type: Law Enforcement
Weapons: Shotgun + Light
Sub-Machine Gun
Heavy Handgun
Vehicle(s): Police Cruiser
Allies: Carcer City Police Department
Cottonmouth Police Department
Enemies: James Earl Cash (Manhunt)
Cerberus (Manhunt)
Leo Kasper (Manhunt 2)
Voiced by: Richard Mover (Manhunt)
Matt Walton (Manhunt)
Rodd Houston (Manhunt)
Barry Carl (Manhunt 2)

"You can't lose Carcer SWAT in the shadows, we own the shadows." - SWAT member

The SWAT team (Special Weapons And Tactics) are the law enforcers who appear as Hunters appearing in both Manhunt and Manhunt 2.


The SWAT team are special backup for the CCPD and Cottonmouth police departments when the situation becomes too extreme or difficult. They are heavily armed and rarely seen alone, much like the CCPD officers.

Event of ManhuntEdit

After James Earl Cash makes it to 54 Street Station, the SWAT arrives to assist the CCPD in arresting him by shutting down the power to prevent the stationed train from leaving.

Many SWAT officers are killed by Cash as he turns the power back on and makes it to Stockyard Train Yard. The CCPD and SWAT hunt Cash throughout the train yard until they corner him and prepare to execute him for killing the other police officers, rather than take him alive, as ordered. Cerberus mercenaries arrive and kill off the firing squad so as to capture Cash alive.

Mission Appearances: Wrong Side of the Tracks, Trained to Kill

Event of Manhunt 2Edit

After many Cottonmouth Police Department officers and Project Militia members are killed, the SWAT arrive in search of Leo Kasper for the assassination of Stanley Grex at the Maibatzu Plaza. Most of them are killed as Leo makes it to Daniel's House.

Mission Appearances: Domestic Disturbance



  • In the first game the SWAT officers are modeled after the GIGN members in GTA Vice City. The GIGN themselves use beta models from SWAT members in Vice City.
  • They are the only hunters in Manhunt who do not use melee weapons. The Cerberus come close to be the second, but they use nightsticks and their bare hands in the cutscenes.
  • In the PS2 beta of Manhunt 2, the SWAT use the Project Militia voices, most likely because the SWAT voices were not yet completed and implemented into the game files.
  • The Cottonmouth SWAT will lose sight of Leo easier than any other hunter in Manhunt 2. Frequently, even failing the breathing QTE will make them simply pass by Leo. Because of this, it is possible to finish Domestic Disturbance without any hunter kill, even on the hardest mode.
  • There is a total of twenty one Cottonmouth SWAT agents in Manhunt 2. Note that four of them will only chase the player by the streets and disappear after this. These four hunters are not meant to be killed as trying to do so will often result in a Game Over.