Ritual Cleansing is the 10th mission in Manhunt 2, where you play as Leo Kasper.

Walkthrough Edit

As they rise up from the sewers they emerge in front of a truck stop ‘RSV Gasoline’. The sight of the gas station triggers Daniel to blackout forcing him into recalling an event from six years prior. Danny and Leo find themselves near a Project archive facility that is under guard by some cops for hire that has been brought in by The Project to guard the facility. Leo insists that the only way out is for both he and Danny to disappear forever, but to do this he must destroy all records the Project has on both him and Danny.

Scene InfoEdit

Location: Train Yard, RSV Gas Station, Project Warehouses
Hunters: Civilians, Cops, The Watchdogs
Other Characters: n/a
Previous Scene: Most Wanted
Next Scene: Origins

Weapons and Items Edit

Environmental Executions Edit


Manhunt 2 (Uncut) - Gameplay Walkthrough - Episode 10 Ritual Cleansing13:19

Manhunt 2 (Uncut) - Gameplay Walkthrough - Episode 10 Ritual Cleansing

Trivia Edit

  • Pressing the red button at the guards hut will automaticaly fail the episode.
    • Also, this red button is identical to the one used by the Pervs to trigger their electric chair inside the Fetish Dungeon.
  • The hacksaw is only in the PC version.

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