The Reporter's Apartment is located on a block outside the City Museum in Central, Carcer City, Manhunt. During the level Press Coverage, James Earl Cash and The Reporter have to make their way into the apartment to collect a box with evidence against Lionel Starkweather, but the Carcer City Police Department have flooded the building and surrounding streets.

Trivia Edit

Several easter eggs can be found inside the apartment.

  • A calendar with a photo of New York City on it. The calendar shows the month and year as being November of 2003 with a small smiley face drawn on the 19th. The 19th of November 2003 was the date Manhunt was originally released in North America.
  • There is a hidden room with a pin board with various news clipping and images of the beta model for Cash.
  • Gash bags can be found inside the bedroom. Gash is a store from GTA Vice City.