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The Red Kings are a street gang that appear in Manhunt 2.

Not much is known about them except other than being your typical thug type street gang. Canny to their name, they all wear Red clothing with some black. In a cutscene, one of them is seen ripping off a Civilian's nose with a pair of Pliers, who shortly dies from bleeding. Another Red King member is seen being beaten by two Cops, in which case he dies from the continuous hits he obtained from the beating.

They only appear in the mission Red Light. Their weapons of choice are the Pliers, and the Baseball Bat.

According to some dialogue such as "Good thing I'm a necrophiliac" and "Let the loving commence", which can be heard upon them killing the player, they are necrophiliacs, fitting into Manhunt 2's theme of sexuality and sexual abuse. Also, one Red King member is seen patrolling around a damp room with what appears to be a TV with porn on.

Red Kings
Apearance(s): Manhunt 2
Name: The Red Kings
Also Known As: The Kings
Type: Street Gang
Known Members: Unknown
Front(s): Flipper Fruit, Red Kings Block
Weapons: Pliers, Chained Baseball Bat
Vehicle(s): Unknown
Allies: Unknown
Enemies: Civilians, Cops, The Lizards
Voiced by: James Biberi
Karl Bury


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