Scene presscoverage

Press Coverage is the 15th scene of Manhunt where Cash escorts the Journalist to her apartment.


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Cash and the Journalist come to a road block, so decide to go on foot. It isn't long before they come across Carcer City Police Department officers working for Gary Schaffer who has been paid off by Starkweather.

Cash repeatedly has the Journalist wait behind while he clears the path ahead and then comes back for her. If Cash goes too far, she will panic and come searching for him. They then arrive at her apartment which they find is full of more cops. Once Cash kills them, the Journalist reveals her evidence against Starkweather and Cash tells her to take it and run while he decides to go after Starkweather, so he leaves.

Cash then makes his way towards the subway through more streets and alleyways, killing more cops along the way.


Time Goal: 25 minutes
Location: Streets of Central. Reporter's Apartment. Chips Casino. 54 Street Station.
Hunters: CCPD
Other Characters: The Journalist (ally), Gary Schaffer (voice), Lionel Starkweather (voice)
Previous Scene: Divided They Fall
Next Scene: Wrong Side of the Tracks

Weapons and ItemsEdit



Manhunt - Gameplay Walkthrough - Scene 15 Press Coverage12:02

Manhunt - Gameplay Walkthrough - Scene 15 Press Coverage



  • In the Reporter's Apartment, there's a calender with the date the 19th of November, 2003 marked with a smiley face, which was the release date for Manhunt.
  • In the room where the evidence is kept, there's a notice board with a picture of beta Cash pinned to it.
  • Where the road is under construction, there's a yellow power generator that can be turned on to create noise and distract hunters.
  • Inside the first CCPD Boxville that the player comes across, there is a hidden Heavy Handgun locked inside with painkillers. The Crowbar is required to break open the back doors of the van to retrieve the contents. If one keeps the crowbar for the rest of the map, they can open doors to other vans for additional painkillers, a shotgun, and sniper rifle ammunition.
  • If the Journalist is left far behind for too long, she will panic and eventually will start searching for Cash. This can endanger both her and the player, so it is recommended to keep her close. If the police see her, they will come and beat her to death, which will result in scene fail.

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