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Apearance(s): Manhunt
Name: Piggsy
Location(s): Starkweather’s Estate
Business(es): Valiant Video Enterprises
Weapon(s): Chainsaw
Enemies: Cerberus
James Earl Cash
Status: Deceased (Killed by James Earl Cash)
Voiced by: Hunter Platin

"Piggsy's angry, ANGRY!!" - Piggsy

Piggsy is a character and the tertiary antagonist in Manhunt.


Piggsy is an overweight, mentally disturbed mass murderer who wears a severed pig's head over his own and slaughters his victims with a chainsaw. He is almost completely inhuman in behavior and has lost all connection with reality. His mental state has degraded into an animalistic and child-like state, as he seems to only be capable of speaking a few basic words and mimicking a pig's grunts and squeals. He is a remorseless killer, butchering all those who come across his path with his chainsaw. Because of this, Piggsy became Starkweather's star performer in his snuff films and slaughtered the runners with glee. Starkweather kept him chained and locked up in the abandoned attic of his estate and fed him human flesh, which is delivered to him by Cerberus guards, who treated him with genuine fear and disgust. He is the final adversary Cash faces off against in the game and is a deadly opponent.

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Manhunt Piggsy Quotes


Sometime before the events of Manhunt, Piggsy was enlisted by Starkweather to perform in his snuff movie ring. He had a long and successful career in Starkweather's company, releasing such movies as "Piggsy's Greatest Hits" and "Piggsy's Bloopers"[1]. After those films were made, Starkweather locked Piggsy away in the attic of his estate after employing James Earl Cash . There was an incident between Piggsy and Scarecrow which is mentioned but not detailed. It is not clear as to what part the "debacle," as the bonus features put it, has to do with the storyline or the progression of the game. What is clear is that Piggsy and Scarecrow are bitter enemies.

Events of ManhuntEdit

Locked away in the attic, the Cerberus are seen feeding Piggsy and a while later, he breaks the chains and gets free. When James was caught after trying to escape and is brought back to Starkweather’s Estate, Piggsy, now armed with a Chainsaw, kills the Cerberus guards as more of them search for Cash and Piggsy. Piggsy eventually meets Cash and ambushes him in the elevator and soon they both hunt each other down in the attic until Cash attacks Piggsy with two Glass Shards and a Wooden Spike.

Piggsy now returns to his room and when Cash goes searching for him, he chases Cash up to the top floor where he stands on a grid that wobbles so he runs back. James then lures him onto the grid again and this time it gives way. Piggsy tries to hang on to the edge but Cash slashes his arms off with his dropped Chainsaw, and he falls to his death.





  • Piggsy's death animation


  • If you try to attack Piggsy with the fists (Or the Wooden Spike/Glass Shard without executing him), Piggsy will not lose any health, as you are scripted to execute him.
  • Using a trainer, you can acquire weapons and shoot Piggsy. However, Piggsy will not take any damage if you shoot him in the chest, arms or legs. Otherwise, if you shoot him once in head, he'll die instantly and you can get his chainsaw.
  • Piggsy, James Earl Cash, Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance action figures can be found in Zero's RC Shop in San Fierro in GTA San Andreas.
  • In Bully, at the Happy Volts Asylum, you can find a picture of a pig with the word "piggy" below it, perhaps a reference to Piggsy.
  • He is possibly based on a character in Motel Hell, a 1980 film.
  • It is also possible that Piggsy may be based on the main antagonist of the 1974 horror film Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Leatherface, as both he and Piggsy attack the victim with a chainsaw, and both wear masks of humans/pigs. Also both eat human flesh.
  • There are 500 Piggsy statues that were produced by Rockstar as collectibles (see image in gallery). They are extremely rare and are up for pretty high prices.
  • Piggsy's corpse can be found in the level Hard as Nails, but a trainer is required to get to it.
  • In the first encounter with Piggsy during Deliverance, his penis is visible, but when he is encountered again, it is gone.
  • One of the Pervs from the Wii and PC versions of Manhunt 2 wears a pig mask, which may be a nod to Piggsy.
  • In the boardgame Spinespur one of the characters, Pigskin is a Cannibalistic butcher who wears a rotting pighead, a possible reference to Piggsy.
  • Two Piggsy corpses can be found in the level Divided They Fall. You can find them in one of the rooms, in the apartment block. They are beheaded, and their stomach is heavily wounded.
  • In Dead Rising 2, there is a boss named Randall "Randy" Tugman who wears a pig suit and wields a large chainsaw. This may be a nod to Piggsy.
  • Pig masks can be purchased and worn in GTA V. This may be a nod to Piggsy.
  • In Bully, next to Zoe's house there is a house that you can hear some chainsaw and pig noises . This may be a nod to Piggsy .


  1. See official Manhunt instruction manual.

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