Manhunt 2 All Original Uncut Executions

Manhunt 2 All Original Uncut Executions


Picket or Broken Fence is a beta environmental execution in Manhunt 2. The execution originally appeared in Domestic Disturbance, but was cut.

Execution Edit

Leo grabs the hunter from behind and puts him into a headlock, punching him in the face twice and moves him over close to the picket. Then, he grabs the spike and shoves the hunter's head onto the spike.

Trivia Edit

  • The Picket, along with the Vending Machine and Dumpster, are the only environmental executions that were left from an earlier version of Manhunt 2.
  • It is unknown exactly why this execution was cut from the game. Many fans believe it was due to violence because all the Hunters in this Episode are Law Enforcement and Civilians, however this theory is unlikely because the execution did not appear in the AO PC version of the game either.
  • It is possible it was cut due to the fact that the execution was very glitchy, there are animation errors during the execution (like Leo's hands not actually touching the fence spike as he grabs it) and after the execution is over, the hunter will suddenly be standing upright with his arms spread out in a odd position, as if he were crucified on a cross. His body is not solid and you can walk right through him. Sometimes the execution may also cause your game to freeze up. Rockstar possibly did not feel like going through the hassle of fixing the errors up and just cut it out completely.