Personality Clash is the 15th level in Manhunt 2.

Forced to deal with the predicament that Leo has brought upon them, Danny has to search himself in order to gain peace of mind. To do so Danny's personality must confront Leo's personality directly and lock him out of mind forever. Daniel finds himself in Weary Pines Cemetery, where he has to confront the demons from his past in hopes of regaining control of his mind and bringing peace to his now deceased wife.

Scene InfoEdit

Location: Daniel's Mind, Weary Pines Cemetery
Hunters: Leo Kasper, Dr. Pickman, Michael Grant, The Watchdogs
Other Characters: Dr. Whyte (cutscene), Mrs. Lamb (ghost)
Previous Scene: Domestic Disturbance
Next Scene: n/a

Weapons and Items Edit

Walkthrough Edit

Manhunt 2 (Uncut) - Gameplay Walkthrough - Final Episode Personality Clash (Good Ending)-014:10

Manhunt 2 (Uncut) - Gameplay Walkthrough - Final Episode Personality Clash (Good Ending)-0

Trivia Edit

  • The level was once known as Cemetery, possibly because a story name was not made yet.
  • There are several weapons hidden behind the cemetery gate. They can only be reached via trainer.
  • The bonus level Release Therapy has the same intro as this episode. That's probably because Release Therapy was originally an alternate final episode, triggered if the player killed too many of the non hostile civilians.

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