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The Manhunt series features the ability for the player to control the action of their player characters on foot.

Running Edit

The player has the ability to walk and run. Walking is only possible via the use of a game pad's analog control, while running is executed by the press of a button or key, but the character will get tired after an extended amount of running. In Manhunt, a stamina bar is located on the HUD, however, in Manhunt 2 it's invisible.

Kicking Edit

Main article: Kicking This ability allows the player to kick objects to lure a hunter into a specific location or to kick hunters.

Jumping Edit

In Manhunt, Cash can jump over gaps. To perform a jump, the player must run. In Manhunt 2, the player can perform jumping executions.

Throwing Edit

In both games, the protagonist can throw objects to lure a hunter into a specific location. It can also be used to break windows.

Climbing Edit

In Manhunt, Cash can only climb ladders in several levels. In Manhunt 2 the player can climb onto high platforms or places. In the level Best Friends, if Leo falls into the water, he will automatically swim to the nearest ladder and climb back onto the pier.

Crawling Edit

Available only in Manhunt 2. The player can crawl under fences or into air shafts.

Hiding Edit

In both games the player must use the shadows to hide from hunters. In Manhunt 2, the player can be spotted by a hunter while hiding.

Covering Edit

Covering is important during gunfights, it allows the player to successfully take out the hunters one by one. However, while covering behind walls or dumpsters, the player might get shoot in the leg or arm.

Killing Edit

In both games the player must kill the hunters to survive and he can do it by:

  • Executing
  • Shooting
  • Fighting
  • Blowing them up

To kill, the player must use a weapon or the characters fists.

Main article: Weapons

Switching Edit

This ability allows the player to open locked doors or to switch the power on.

Opening padlocks Edit

The Crowbar is required to perform this ability. It allows to access hidden rooms or to continue the journey. Also the player has the ability to cut ropes with knife or glass shard.

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