Manhunt 2 Newspaper00:30

Manhunt 2 Newspaper

The newspaper executions in Manhunt 2

The newspaper was cut from the level Domestic Disturbance in Manhunt 2. With mods, it is possible to put the newspaper back into the game.


  • Hasty: Leo puts the newspaper in front of the hunters neck, and after about 8 seconds the hunter goes limp.
  • Violent: Leo puts the newspaper in front of the hunters neck, then he quickly turns the hunter around and head butts him, causing the hunter to drop to his knees. Leo then finishes him off by directly kneeing him in the face.
  • Gruesome: Leo tries to strangle the hunter, but he pushes Leo off. Right after turning around, however, Leo tackles the hunter down to the ground, pressing the newspaper against the hunter's neck before headbutting him, killing him. 
  • Jumping: Leo jumps down behind the hunter and hits him in the back of the head.

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