Weapons blue nailgun

The Nail Gun as it appears in Manhunt

The Nail Gun is a Blue Class weapon that appears in Manhunt.

It is a weapon used by The Skinz and was probably going to be used by The Jury. The nail gun carries a 30 round magazine, though it has less power than a handgun, it can still penetrate through armor. It takes about ten shots to the body and three shots to the head to kill a hunter and it also produces noise, thus making it difficult to kill a hunter without being spotted by nearby enemies. Also, if the player's aim is bad, it can be tricky to kill a hunter quickly, because he will start chasing Cash at the very first hit. It also can be used to blow up gasoline cans.

Boxes of nails scattered around levels can be used as ammo if the player has a nail gun in their inventory.

It appears in the missions White Trash, Fuelled by Hate and Hard as Nails.