Mrs. Lamb
Mrs Lamb
Game Manhunt 2
Location Daniel's House
Weary Pines Cemetery (Daniel's Mind)
Allies Daniel Lamb
Enemies Leo Kasper
Status Deceased
Voiced by Charissa Chamorro

Mrs. Lamb is a key character in Manhunt 2. She was the wife of Daniel Lamb and lived as a regular suburban house wife with her husband and two children. Mrs. Lamb's first name is unknown.

Early lifeEdit


As the wife of Daniel, Mrs. Lamb was aware about the Project's research to some degree and doesn't approve of Daniel subjecting himself to his own studies and is distraught over the situation. Unfortunately, she was not able to stop Daniel from being a volunteer.

After the burning of the files in the Project Warehouses, Leo Kasper thought Mrs. Lamb should be silenced because she knew too much and wanted to erase Daniel's past. She was murdered by Daniel (controlled by Leo) in front of their son and buried at the Weary Pines Cemetery while Daniel was taken to Dixmor Asylum.


Even after using Cortexa, Daniel was not able to remember the fate of his wife and children, and then searched for his past. He had only some hallucinations regarding her death and previous life during his passage by his old house, the Red Light District and before entering Bees' Honey Pot.

Finally, when he was caught by Dr. Whyte, she showed the footage of his wife's assassination. Horrified and out of anger, Daniel then pursued Leo inside his mind to get rid of him once and for all.


  • An unused line in Personality Clash's gxt file says "Carry Sarah's corpse to her grave." This implies that Danny's wife's name was/is Sarah.
  • The death of Mrs. Lamb is a key event in Manhunt 2, being the reason Daniel erased Leo from his mind, much like the death of the Cash's family was for James Earl Cash to seek revenge on Lionel Starkweather. Also, Mrs. Lamb was murdered the same way the Innocentz did to Cash's family in View of Innocence.
  • Her death can be heard in almost all teasers for and is also heavily implied in the therapy session with Daniel Lamb in the website for Manhunt 2.
  • Her ghost can be seen at the Titty Citty strip club. Look at the dancer in the second window without killing the civilian.
  • She can be seen alive for a couple of seconds at the end of Domestic Disturbance. To do so, the player must sprint into Daniel's house. She will still be inside the kitchen before the episode ends.


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