Manhunt soundtrack

Front cover of the cd

The soundtrack was released under Rockstar North with Rephlex in December 2003 and is rated M for Mature. Manhunt Remix Soundtrack is collection of remixes of the main theme from Manhunt by various artists. There are 17 remixes on the CD, including one by Craig Connor (who made the original version of the song). The 18th track is the original version. There is rumored to be only 1,000 copies of the cd in existance, although this has not been confirmed. Due to its rarity, it is difficult to come by. Auction sites and other specialised sites are a persons best bet to find one, prices around £10 -£20. It has a length of 1h 4m 14s.

Track listingEdit

Alternate Mix [Craig Connor] 1:08
Remix by the Bug 3:33
Remix #1 by Aleksi Perala 4:08
I Fight Crime On My Tippy Toes by Bogdan Raczynski 3:44
Remix by Tony Simos 3:51
Remix by Grandfather Rabbit Ears 3:44
Remix #2 by Aleksi Perala 3:40
Manhood Mix by Lords of the Dance 3:33
D'Arcangelo's Hunt Mix 4:59
EDMX Master Mix 3:25
K-Rock's Hunt Mix 2:14
Cylob Mix 4:49
D'Arcangelo's Mono Laugh Mix 3:49
Mix 14 by Jonathan Chase 4:17
Remix #3 by Aleksi Perala 3:45
Remix by Soundmurderer 6:30
EDMX Level Select 2:01
Original Theme 1:07

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