The Maibatsu Monstrosity in GTA III.

The Maibatsu Monstrosity, manufactured by the Maibatsu Corporation, is a car that is referenced in Manhunt and appears in the Grand Theft Auto series as a massive SUV. The Maibatsu Monstrosity is a rebadged Landstalker from GTA III.

References Edit

The car is mentioned by The Hoods.

  • Yeah I got me a new Maibatsu Monstrosity. Leather interior, all the extras.
  • You seen that new Maibatsu? Man, that car is hot.

It is also featured in a commercial on the Double Clef FM radio station in GTA III:

  • Phil and I just had another kid. So of course we need a bigger SUV! 'Being a mom is hard with soccer-football, lacrosse practice, so we bought a new Maibatsu Monstrosity. It's so big! We lost little Joey in the back and couldn't find him for an hour! When I'm rushing to the mall, or talking on my cellphone, I know me and my family are safe. The Maibatsu Monstrosity has four wheel drive and in amphibious mode, it can cross rivers! So far I've only hit a few puddles. But it's good to know it's there. With the time I save taking shortcuts through the strip mall parking lot I can focus on the important things. Like gazing longingly at the pool boy or buying more exercise equipment off the tv. So what if it gets three miles to the gallon, I'm a mom! Not a conservationist! The new Maibatsu Monstrosity! Mine is bigger!

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