Map of los santos

Map of Los Santos

Los Santos, San Andreas is the first fictional city encountered in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. It is also based on the real-life Los Angeles. Los Santos translates to 'The Saints', a play on Los Angeles, meaning 'The Angels'. This also applies to the two cities' nicknames - "The City of Saints" and "City of Angels". With all of the street and gang violence, working girls, corrupt cops, and strip clubs/pornography, the name of the city is considered a joke in the game.


Sunrise in Los Santos

Like Los Angeles, Los Santos is a huge, sprawling co-mingling of cultures and perspectives, full of two-bit hoodlums and small-time actors. The population of over 3 million people is divided into 32 districts, which are home to movie and television studios, multi-million dollar estates, crack-ridden ghettos, and a busy international airport. Numerous roads and a central rail line connect Los Santos to San Fierro and Las Venturas..

Trivia Edit

  • The Toy Corner store from Manhunt can also be found in Los Santos.
  • Action figures of James Earl Cash and Piggsy can be found in the Toy Corner, behind the counter.