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From top left to bottom right: Blowtorch, Metal Hook, Cash Bundle, Uzi with Flashlight, Acid Bottle, Camera, Dildo, Newspaper, Small Bat, Hammer

Manhunt 2 - The Deleted Executions

Manhunt 2 - The Deleted Executions

Audio of all the Deleted Executions

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A list of lures, items and weapons removed from the game, recovered from leftover entity designators found in the Manhunt2.exe file of the PC version.

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All Existing Manhunt 2 Execution Animations

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  • Women were originally featured much more in the game. There were female patients in Dixmor Asylum. Rather than the Project victim being tortured in the dentist chair in Sexual Deviants, the female inmate was being tortured in the beta. One objective of the Sorority House level was to kill a female student, which might have had something to do with Judy.
  • The Red KingsProject MilitiaLegion, and Bloodhounds all had much different models.