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"Dogs bark, snakes crawl, Leo kills". - Leo Kasper

Leo Kasper is a major character and the main antagonist of Manhunt 2. He is also the protagonist of the flashback missions.

Description Edit

A psychopath who was also put in the asylum by the Project. He was once a government agent and has expertise in combat, evasion, infiltration and assassination techniques. He helps Daniel Lamb escape and teaches him his own well-honed tricks of the trade. His personality was taken by the Project and implanted into Danny while remaining separated from Danny's own mind by the Pickman Bridge. However, the Pickman Bridge was not perfected yet and it resulted in Leo being able to freely talk to Danny inside Danny's head. His personality also took over at times when it was not called upon.

Personality Edit

Leo is depicted as an intelligent, but heartless person, who has no hesitation about killing, no matter if it's an innocent person, criminal or law officer. It's believed that he's a smoker as well. Leo's killer personality was created by The Project for years before the events from the game. The Project trained him in assassination techniques, combat, evasion and infiltration, which caused Leo to change into a killing machine. According to the sessions with Dr. Whyte, Leo accuses the Project for turning him into a killer. He also confides, that he would like to think like a normal man, but he can't, because the training left a mark on his psyche.

Throughout the game, Leo is shown to be a textbook sociopath, displaying various symptoms and behaviors including manipulation of others (clearly seen with his interactions with Danny), having no conscience or sense of right or wrong, increased aggression and hostility (seen in his executions and behavior towards hunters), a lack of empathy (unlike Danny, Leo clearly has no problem with killing), shallow emotions, easily irritated and short-tempered (Like Starkweather, Leo becomes quickly impatient if the player waits around), significant fearlessness (clearly shown to be not as nervous or hesitant like Danny), and a lack of remorse or guilt.

When compared with James Earl Cash, it is seen that Leo is worse than Cash since he's a completely sadistic murderer, mostly torturing his victims before killing them (As seen in all Pliers Execution, for example), while Cash just brutally kills them, fast and easy. Also, he's pretty much a product, while Cash is probably "criminal by choice". They both don't find any remorse for their victims, although Cash does feel some compassion for his family and probably the Journalist (Although they're not his victims at all). Also, they both seem to have the same goals; Revenge. Cash wants to murder Starkweather for what he did to him and his family (If you are an optimist, you might think Cash also did this because he can't stand at how Starkweather uses his "playground" for such a horrible game), Leo wants to murder every Project member he sees for what they did to him.


Leo was a former goverment assassin, hired to kill threats such as terrorists and was said to be very good at his job. Leo's personality was taken and implanted in the mind of Daniel Lamb, a scientist for the Pickman Project who believed it possible to have a normal being switch between a civilian and a killer without either personality crossing paths. However the Pickman Bridge, which is what keeps each personality separate, malfunctioned and Leo was given too much free will and begun to take over Danny's mind.


Normal ProjectManhunt Manhunt2 OfficialScreenshot 041
Leo now wants full control of Danny's mind so he tries to force Danny's friend Michael to remove the Pickman Bridge by holding him hostage at Blackwell Island. However the Project Militia turn up and Michael hides inside the Fisto Sugar Factory where Leo kills many Project Militia as he searches for Michael. When he finds him, Leo kills him and takes the keys to the boat off the island.

Then, he decides to get back at the Project by convincing Danny to assassinate Stanley Grex and as he does, Leo escapes the Project once more. Then all he needs to do is destroy Danny's past, so he burns his records and later, decides to kill Danny's wife. However, Danny and Leo were both locked away in Dixmor Asylum, where they had many therapy sessions and at some point, Leo breaks the chains restraining him and he kills Dr. Deborah.


A power failure and a riot allow Danny and Leo to escape, Danny not remembering his past but Leo does. Danny wants to find out about his past but Leo tries to convince him not to, while they are chased by the Project. Leo helps Danny escape and kill many Project hitmen including Watchdogs and Bloodhounds, until Leo tells Danny they need to go after Dr. Pickman, while Leo really just wants the Pickman Bridge removed. Leo accidently kills Pickman and after that, they hide out at the TVMK Studio until they are found by the Bloodhounds.

After Danny is caught by Dr. Whyte, Danny learns what Leo did to his wife and fights off Leo inside his mind. Leo tries to defend himself by sending the memories of people he killed after Danny. Eventually Leo is beaten to death by Danny with a Shovel and removed from his mind forever.

Alternate EndingEdit

In the alternate ending, Danny locks Leo inside a cell in his mind to rot, but Leo breaks out and kills all the Legion members guarding his mind before killing Danny's personality and Leo takes full control, thus killing Daniel Lamb.

Notable Murders CommittedEdit

Session with Dr. Whyte Edit

Leo Kasper session05:25

Leo Kasper session

Beta Edit

  • In the early beta Leo was different. His clothing remains the same but his face was altered, with less details. In an earlier version of the story, Leo was not just a personality in Danny's mind, rather a real person.
  • Leo originally wore his dixmor outfit throughout the entire game, like in the Wii version.

Gallery Edit


Trivia Edit

  • On the PC/PS2/PSP versions, during the flashback missions, Leo wears a brown outfit with a brown t-shirt and brown khakis pants. However, this outfit does not appear on the Wii and he is always wearing his green dixmor outfit.
  • Originally, some Dixmor Inmates looked like Leo, and Leo looked much different. The Inmates design later went to Leo, and the Inmates models were removed.
  • In an earlier version of the story, Leo was not a personality of Danny's mind, rather a real person.
  • As part of the game's media, the Manhunt 2 website has several files of the Project's experiments. One of these experiments, called "Pravitas 0", entails a patient with acute antisocial personality disorder is subjected to disfiguring and horrifically painful surgeries in order to see if the extreme pain and subsequent ostracization by other patients would influence increased aggression and violent behavior, with the experiment being successful. There is a medical chart that displays all the surgeries performed at the end of the file; the same chart is in Leo's file in the game manual, implying Leo was the subject for the experiment. This would very likely explain his deep hatred and desire for revenge towards the Project, and his violently unstable personality as well.

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