Lamb Family

The Lamb Family

The Lamb Family is a suburban family featured in Manhunt 2. There are four members of the family: Daniel Lamb as the head of the family, his wife Mrs. Lamb and his two children, an unnamed teenage girl and boy. Because of the Lamb family's desperate financial problems, Danny volunteered himself as a test subject for the Pickman Project. Leo Kasper, whose personality was created by the Project, was responsible for breaking down the entire family, as he murdered Mrs. Lamb in front of Danny's son while controlling Danny's mind. It is unknown what happened to the children, but according to Dr. Whyte they're fine.

Family members other than Danny appeared in the levels Ghosts, Bees Honey Pot (flashback) and Personality Clash.

Trivia Edit

  • Photos of the family can be found at Daniel's Safe House and Dr. Whyte's office, suggesting that Dr. Whyte might have taken care of the children while Danny was locked away at the Dixmor Asylum.