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Key Personnel is the 19th scene in Manhunt where Cash breaks into Starkweather’s Estate and kills the Cerberus Leader.


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Cash enters Starkweather's Estate via one of the basements while the Cerberus Leader takes the key to the elevator leading up the Starkweather's office and orders one of the Cerberus to go down to the other basement and shut down power to the elevator.

After Cash kills a few Cerberus while avoiding the security cameras, the Cerberus leader is moved to another room due to one of the dead Cerberus not responding. Cash then must get the elevator key and turn the elevator power back on in the order of the player's choice:

  • To get the elevator power back on, Cash must cross the large room with the wide stairs and then go down the large spiral staircase to the second basement and find the switch while killing all the Cerberus on the way down and back up.
  • To get the elevator key, Cash must head up to the second floor, to the security office and kill the Cerberus Leader and all his bodyguards.

Once Cash has completed these tasks, he enters the elevator leading up to Starkweather's office.

Scene InfoEdit

Time Goal: 20 minutes
Location: Starkweather’s Estate interior. First, Second floor and the two basements.
Hunters: Cerberus, Cerberus Leader
Other Characters: Piggsy (cutscene)
Previous Scene: Border Patrol
Next Scene: Deliverance

Weapons and ItemsEdit


  • Elevator Key



Manhunt - Gameplay Walkthrough - Scene 19 Key Personnel09:04

Manhunt - Gameplay Walkthrough - Scene 19 Key Personnel



  • There's a switch in the surveillance room (opposite the room where the Cerberus Leader is held up) that turns the cameras off.
  • This is the fourth of four occasions where Cash is required to turn a power switch back on and second of two where he is required kill a boss character to obtain a key.
  • The Cerberus Leader remains in the first floor recreation room if Cash doesn't cause enemies to enter combat. This makes it easier to just kill him there and get the key that way.
  • Screenshots reveal some early beta information from this scene:
    • The Cerberus could crouch while shooting.
    • The room opposite the camera control room where the Cerberus leader hides was slightly different with less couches and no visible shelves.

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