Judy Sender is a scientist who works for The Project in Manhunt 2. She works at the Strip Club and Fetish Dungeon and Bees' Honey Pot Brothel. The brothel acts as a recruitment front for The Project. Daniel Lamb seeks out Judy, as he believes she is able to help him remember his past. She was assassinated by The Bloodhounds by being shot in the heart and falling to her death. Her weapon of choice is the Crowbar.

Judy only appears in the levels Sexual Deviants and Bees Honey Pot and in Most Wanted as a flashback.


  • An early version of Judy looked much different. She originally wore a gimp suit. Her original design can be seen in the first teaser. It is unknown why her design was changed. It is most likely because her role in the story was different. And Judy was to also be torturing a victim in one of the rooms, as proven by a removed line from Danny: "we need to take care of her customer first, we need her alone".
  • One objective of the Sorority House level was to find a female student. Judging by the order of the levels, it might have involved Judy.
    ProjectManhunt TeaserTrailer 27

    Judy's original design.

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