"The Journalist" is the name given to a key character on Manhunt. She is a young reporter who has been researching Starkweather's activities for some time, and it is hinted that Starkweather is on to her.


On the ending scene of Divided They Fall, the journalist reveals to Cash that, in truth, her intention is to "make her career" exposing the director. This shows how too much ambitious she is. Also, her room in her appartment is full of shopping bags of clothing stores, meaning she may be addicted to shopping.


Events of ManhuntEdit

It's unknown how, but she discovered Cash's execution was fake in order to use him on another of Starkweather's snuff films. After watching Cash's "execution", she began searching for clues of his location intending to have him as a witness to finally accuse Starkweather. It's unknown how, but she discovered Cash's location after he is captured by Ramirez and the remaining Wardogs. Then, she courageously headed there in her red Blista Compact and rescued him coincidentally when he was already leaving the place. Cash recognized she was familiar, and then she briefly introduced herself as a reporter who witnessed his execution and explained her intentions and about the current situation. They headed to the journalist's apartment to pick up the evidence material she already has against Starkweather. When they approach the building, the place is surrounded by corrupt officers from Carcer City Police Department, working for Gary Schaffer to kill her and Cash. Cash killed the patrolling officers and lead her to the locked room where she hid all the evidence, then he ordered her to leave the city until he 'deals with Starkweather personally', to avenge his family after having been 'murdered', thanked her for rescuing him and wished her to "have a nice life". At the same time Cash is making his way to the director's mansion, the journalist manages to accuse Starkweather with her material, but he first negates the accusations. After he was killed, the evidence found on his estate exposes the corruption of the Carcer City police without a doubt. She is last seen on a TV broadcast doing a news bulletin about Starkweather being found dead in his estate alongside the his "security personnel" and exposing the snuff film ring. In this cutscene, she is seen as the news station's anchor, suggesting she was promoted due her work exposing the director.

After ManhuntEdit

A bonus sound file of an audio transcript from the Manhunt website reveals that the aftermath has put her in a state of mental paranoia, unable to cope with witnessing so much violence and the whole concept of people willingly participating in such a depraved sport for the amusement of others. She is being interviewed by a doctor who says the reporter was found wandering the streets with a knife in her hand. She blindly believed the doctor is part of a conspiracy to somewhat keep her quiet and refused the doctor's suggestion to sedate her as part of the treatment.


If she is left on her own too long she will come running to find Cash, which puts them both in danger. You need her to open the door to the building, and after, you must take her to the kitchen of her apartment in order to continue the scene.


  • Her name begins with "Rob", as stated in the subtitles for the opening cutscene of Border Patrol, but the report cuts out before her full name is revealed. Her full first name is most likely "Robin".
  • A fact that commonly passes unnoticed by players is that the bags inside of the Journalist's bedroom have the logo "GASH" on it. "GASH" is a brand of a clothes mark in the Grand Theft Auto series.
  • There's a photo of an unknown young man on the desk besides the journalist's bed. It's unknown who he is or what the relationship is between himself and the journalist.
  • She heavily resembles an unnamed character seen in GTA: San Andreas in the mission "Snail Trail". In this mission, the player is forced to kill a news reporter who is going to meet a witness to expose the corruption on the police. The reporter is said to be wanting to "quickly make his career", and because of this is taking risks.


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Manhunt All Journalist Quotes

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