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A Hunter in Manhunt
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A group of Hunters in Manhunt 2
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Hunters, or often known as Gangs, are the groups of people trying to kill the player. They outnumber the protagonist, and are usually a lot stronger. In all Manhunt games the player must kill their way through many to complete each level, by using stealth to execute them one by one.

At the beginning of each game, they are unarmed and throughout the game they get better equipped, but so does the protagonist, as when a hunter is killed, they will drop their Weapon.

If the hunter is unaware, they tend to mutter to themselves, but if they are searching for the player, they will try to taunt him into showing himself (eg. "Yeah, you keep hiding in the trash where you belong" and "I know where you are. I can smell the mess in your pants").

Hunters in ManhuntEdit

Hunters in Manhunt 2Edit


Sometimes, the protagonist will face a main antagonist, who is usually tougher to kill and sometimes cannot be executed.
Ramirez hunting down James Earl Cash
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Bosses in ManhuntEdit

Bosses in Manhunt 2Edit

Beta HuntersEdit

These are hunters that were going to be in Manhunt, but were cut before its release.


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