Hood 3 is a hood from Manhunt Hired by Lionel Starkweather to kill James Earl Cash. He appears to talk about women and expensive cars and about his other nights. He appears with a Pantyhose on his head a Green jacket with a white shirt and with blue track pants.

Dialogue Edit

  • "Get off me ya murdering freak! Aggh!"
  • "I never saw you man! Just go! I never saw you!"
  • "Hey I'll be your dog man! No need to prove a point!"
  • "Don't do it man, Don't do it!"
  • "Scram while you can!"
  • "Please! I'll play dead!"
  • "Hey, HOODS!"
  • "I need a hand guys!"
  • "Heads up guys!"
  • "Hoods! Hey, HOODS!"
  • "I need some goddamn help here!"
  • "This asshole's real pissed! I need a hand guys!"
  • "Hoods! help me bag this fucker!"
  • "Heads up guys! I got the bastard right here!"
  • "Heads up boys! The shitbags right here!"
  • "You sure you heard something?"
  • "You check it out, I'll watch"
  • "aahhh your hearing things man."
  • "Nothing... Shit."
  • "Ahh man I could have sworn."
  • "All clear. No running gimp here."
  • "Must've been a cat or somethin."

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