In Manhunt 2, most levels have their hidden places, which can't be entered by the player.

Awakening Edit

  • A street behind a gate on the parking outside the Dixmor Asylum.
  • The main entrance to the asylum.

Ghosts Edit

Hidden alley

Hidden alley next to the house.

  • A hidden room in Daniel's House.
  • An alley next to the house, behind the fence.
  • A part of the city behind the garage with the Trashmaster.

Sexual Deviants Edit

  • The street outside the club.

Red Light Edit

  • The part of the street outside the Porn Theatre.
  • The street and buildings behind the fence, where the Shovel is.
  • The safe house and a part of the Safe House level.

Best Friends Edit

Safe House Edit

  • The entrance to the Porn Theatre, at the end of the level. Doors also can be opened, but this leads to a void.
  • Part of the Red Light level.

Bees Honey Pot Edit

  • The street during the introduction cut-scene.
  • The hidden room in the Brothel.

Assassination Edit

Most Wanted Edit

  • The streets and most of the gardens.
  • The Train Yard at the end of the level.

Ritual Cleansing Edit

  • The Train Yard and warehouses behind the fence at the beginning of the level.

Origins Edit

  • The area and buildings behind the wall at the beginning of the level.

Altered State Edit

  • The studios behind the fence.
  • The countryside.

Domestic Disturbance Edit

  • The street and church behind the two gates.
  • An extremely low quality alley from Ghosts mission, next to Danny's garden.
  • The kitchen of Danny's house, with his wife in it.

Personality Clash Edit

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