These are the hidden places in Manhunt.


White TrashEdit

  • If you use the trainer a group of 5 bottles and a knife can be seen beyond the first gate of the Junkyard. The items can also be seen through a small window.

Fuelled by HateEdit

  • There are some hidden areas only accessible via the trainer.

Grounds for AssaultEdit

  • There is a hidden room at the beginning of the scene with a Sawn-off Shotgun inside. You'll need the Crowbar to access it though.

Graveyard ShiftEdit

  • Using a trainer, a Wire, a Plastic Bag, a Can and a hidden Skully gang member can be seen hidden outside Carcer Chem.

Doing TimeEdit

  • This one can only be found with the debug trainer. Hit Camera Modes and fly past the Showerblock. In there you should find a Baseball Bat with Spikes.

Kill the RabbitEdit

  • Use a trainer to jump past the gate which ends the level. If you look to the left you'll see the 2nd Key. Unfortunately you can't pick it up.

Border PatrolEdit

  • If you go to the middle of the maze you'll find a hidden Save Point hit.

Time 2 DieEdit

  • Use a trainer to jump past the gate where the scene starts. There you'll find some Painkillers and hidden Save Point Hit.

Divided They FallEdit

  • The tunnel and an alleyway behind the wooden gate from the opening cutscene can be accessed with the trainer and it's fairly detailed, until the turn where the map ends.

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