Head explosion2

Head Explosion refers to when a Hunters head is smashed open using a certain Weapon. Several Weapons in the Manhunt games can cause a head explosion, such as certain firearms. Heads can also be smashed open during Executions. Below is a list of weapons from both games that can cause a head explosion:

Manhunt Edit

Manhunt 2 Edit

Trivia Edit

  • In Manhunt 1 there is a glitch where, if the player decapitates a hunter and throws the head to be close to the neck of the dead hunter, and then beats the body with a Baseball Bat, the hunters body will react the same as if the head were still attached (a second head will appear on the hunters body and it will be smashed apart).
  • In the Wii/PS2/PSP versions of Manhunt 2, although, the Gruesome Stun Prod execution doesn't smash a hunters head like on the PC version, you can still hear the sound of the head exploding, as if it exploded from the inside.
    Head explosion2