Hard as Nails is a bonus scene in Manhunt, unlocked by achieving a least 3 stars in Born Again, Doorway into Hell, Road to Ruin, White Trash and Fuelled by Hate.


Cash starts in the celler of the Carcer City Library with a Metal Bat and a Nailgun without ammo, however many Brauns Nails boxes spawn and respawn in the area for Cash to collect.

Hoods will also spawn and respawn for Cash to kill and his objective is to kill as many hunters as he can before getting killed himself. There are two Hoods to start with, then three, then four, and so on up to twelve.

There is a "Death Counter" which increases with every hunter Cash kills. Many Carcer Gas! Canisters can be seen around the area as well as Gasoline Cans, which can be blown up by shooting them with the Nailgun, killing or injuring nearby hunters.

The scene will only end once Cash's health reaches zero and the bodycount will be added up.


Location: Carcer City Library celler and back alley.
Hunters: The Hoods
Other Characters: Piggsy (corpse, hidden)

Weapons and Items Edit


Trivia Edit

  • There are no Painkillers in this level.
  • Piggsy's corpse is hidden in one of the abandoned buildings next to the library, but a trainer is required to get there.
  • Sometimes, a glitch appears where hunters and/or pick-ups stop spawning.
  • The bodybags have been replaced with corpses of Piggsy without his head.