The Happy Volts Asylum is a mental hospital in Bullworth.


Happy Volts is located in the woods at the back of the school, sandwiched between the Blue Skies Industrial Area to the east and Bullworth Academy's Observatory to the west.


Happy Volts caters to the mentally ill residents of Bullworth, which may include the Townies Otto Tyler and Clint aka Henry, who Jimmy helps return to the asylum.

The building is divided into three blocks A, B, and C, Block C being reserved for patients who have violent tendencies. During free roam, not a single patient is seen in the cells, though they can be heard screaming. The asylum is patrolled by the Orderlies, who wear white uniforms.

During the course of the game, the English teacher Mr. Galloway and Greaser leader Johnny Vincent are admitted into the asylum, only to escape with help from Jimmy.

The asylum's sign states it is the "Home for the Mentally Unwell".

Trivia Edit

In the asylum you can find a picture of a pig with the word "piggy" below it. Perhaps a reference at Manhunts Piggsy.

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