User WalkthroughEdit

Follow the prompts when The Watchdog investigates the shadows to hold your breath and remain hidden. Take the plastic bag from the right corner and kill the enemy. Take another bag from the dark patch nearby and advance for a cutscene. Kill him to snatch his crowbar and take some medicine from the alcove around the corner. If you are playing on the Wii version, you may use the Manhole execution. Crawl under the fence and climb over the dumpster, then use your crowbar to break the lock on the door to enter the house.

Search all the cabins and trunks inside the house and check out the TVs. Head downstairs to the basement for more of the same while crawling under a low wall and taking some glass. Climb up both floors while searching and until you find the Cortexa and a checkpoint [the location is random].

After this, two Watchdogs will break into the house. Find some shadows and kill both enemies, then go towards the bathroom. Another Watchdog shows up jumping through the window. Fight him off and take medicine from the room opposite the bedroom if needed. Walk through the window to reach the bathroom for the Syringe, then target the last Watchdog below and perform a jumping execution to waste him out. Episode completed!

Video WalkthroughEdit


Walkthrough played on the PC version of Manhunt 2.



Walkthrough played on the Playstation 2 version of Manhunt 2.


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